Welcome to CBT

We at Clan Battle Tournaments (CBT) are individuals who are trying to work on creating functional, enjoyable and entertaining tournaments for our viewers and competitors to enjoy. We are currently setting up tournaments for all regions to compete in, exclusively for Gears of War 4.

With a successful Season 1 in Esports for the franchise which has grown since its release in November 2006, we have had an increasing number of competitive organisations and individuals preparing for the next season.

Our tournaments can be used as platforms for individuals and teams that wish to compete for cash prizes, also we broadcast our matches (mainly the finals) for viewers who wish to watch we will have professional casters for our streams as well as excellent incentives for our loyal viewers. (More details coming soon)

These are our featured tournaments

Introducing our Tournaments

We have a variety of tournaments in the mix, however saying that we have 3 that are currently available to compete in. The CBL, CBC and CBD are tournaments that are currently active, the CBL is a league based, CBC is single elimination style and the CBD is a single elimination doubles tournament.

Cash prizes can be won in all of our tournaments, prize pool can vary every season; keep yourself updated on the changes of our leagues and tournament by following us on Twitter.


With our increasing popularity we are trying to improve our systems for our competitiors and viewers. Please support us with your donations which will be used soley for our tournaments. We appreciate any help. 

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