About the CBC

The Clan Battles Championship, also known as CBC, is a single elimination tournament for all regions. Consisting of up to 32 teams battling it out for top cash prizes. This tournament is a weekly set up with breaks during July and December of every month to allow us the chance to improve our systems each season.

The only game type for this league is Escalation (best of 1 going to best of 3 after the quarter finals) where teams can use to strengthen their chances of successfully competing in future eSports events.

Even though this is a platform for teams to practice against and essentially meet like minded teams to compete against, there are also many cash prizes to be won during each season.

The CBC will be played every Saturday (times to be updated weekly).

Our first Pay2Play tournament will be played on Saturday the 12th of August 2017 at 4PM, be sure to register as early as possible to get a spot as teams will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

If you are interested register your team and come show us what your team is made of.



Join a league that is intense and thrilling at the same time with teams ranging from amateurs making a name for themselves and pro teams out for glory!

Click on the picture on the right to pay the entry fee of £5/team before submitting the form below.

Full team name. Note, if your team name has been taken you will be required to change your name before the season begins
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Please let us know if there is anything else we will be required to know or assist you on prior to the season or during the season.
CBC Entry Fee

With this product you will gain entry to the CBC tournament.

Team Brackets

Below are all of the latest brackets for the active CBC tournament. If you are competing please ensure that you are aware of your slot and timing for each game. If you require any help please contact us via our discord channel or via our contact us page on this website.