Tournament and League Rules

Here you will find all the tournament rules, these are general tournament rules that will need to be adhered to with caution. Any violation of these rules will result in a loss for your team, so please ensure that you are full aware of the rules and regulations of our tournaments.


CBT Tournament and League Rules


Please ensure you have a tournament account (for brackets and tournament details) and join our discord channel (for all the communications between us)


General Tournament and League rules

  • Use map picks and bans process that is used in official tournaments
  • This is a single elimination tournament
  • A maximum of 32 teams are allowed to compete per tournament
  • 2 players will be participating with 1 sub per roster
  • PC players and teams are allowed to compete in this tournament; however, any team with a PC player on their roster will be unable to win any prizes for the tournament. Instead, the team with the PC player is allowed to donate their winnings to a charity of their choice from a selection of approved charities
  • Furthermore, any gamertags/accounts which are a lower level than 20, no re-up, will be unable to play in the tournament
  • The rule above is in place due to the majority of teams competing on Xbox, and CBD wanting to dissuade players from hacking with the goal of monetary gain. Note that all players will be monitored for cheats/hacks regardless by experienced eyes, and will be banned immediately upon credible evidence being presented.
  • You will need to inform us with any problems or changes as soon as you are aware of the situation
  • Knockout matches will need to be played during the week before the finals which will take place every Saturday
  • 1 x Semi-final and the Final will be broadcasted live via the CBT twitch account
  • Semi-finals and the final will all be best of 3 matches
  • Competitive 2.0 Beta tuning applies
  • For the finals, map banning will take place before the broadcast of each match
  • Maps that are in play are the same as the competitive cycle.
  • The game type to be played for this tournament will be Execution
  • There will be 5 rounds in play per game
  • Leaders are responsible for informing their teams of the rules for the tournament
  • Banned characters in the tournament are as follows; Only 1 Female character per team and only 1 Deebee character per team. All colour blast variants and duplicate characters (e.g. Anthony and Benjamin Carmine, and variants of the same character)


Match rules

  • Teams will be expected to be online and available 15 minutes before their match (only Semi-finals and Finals, players will need to arrange their matches pre-final stages)
  • Pre-finals matches will need to be arranged between each team
  • Results of the match will need to be submitted via the 'Toornament' website/app available to download from
  • Teams who do not invite and wait for the casters to join before starting the match, in selected broadcasted matches, will be disqualified
  • Each leader (starting with the Home team leader) will choose which maps to ban for the match until we are left with 3
  • The home team leader will decide which map to play in the first match and the away team leader will choose the second map for the second match
  • The higher seeded team will play as Swarm for the first game and COG for the second. If there is a third game the higher seeded team will be COG
  • There are only 1 x Female characters allowed in the COG team and only 1 x Deebie character variants allowed in the Swarm team
  • Each player will have to have a unique character to play within the match and cannot have the same character (cannot choose a different variant) as another team mate
  • Once the map banning process has been complete the match will begin
  • If a player disconnects mid game, the following round will be drawn out. The opposing team can then choose whether to play on or not for successive rounds, or to continue giving more time for the player or sub to join
  • To submit your scores please contact rePo on twitter (@rePo_TD) or through discord


Prize Rules

  • There are 2 prizes that will be dished out to the winning and runners up of the tournament
  • Prizes are broken down as follows; 1st place will receive 65% and 2nd place will receive 35%
  • Winners of the tournament will be paid their prizes via PayPal within 3 working days after the end date of the event